Gregory Peter Panos

Gregory Peter Panos
E-Mail: Greg Panos

Gregory Peter Panos is an inventor, developer, consultant, educator and evangelist in the emerging field of human simulation (Virtual Actors), performance animation (3D digital puppeteering / motion capture),
virtual theatre (Real-Time Set concepts), virtual reality (VR), on-body computing and the future of broadband Internet media experience.

As Founding Co-Director of the Los Angeles based special interest
group; the
Performance Animation Society, Greg is dedicated to
pushing the technologic and creative envelope of these brave new
creative arenas with his efforts to create a community of pioneers.

Greg built his first electronic music synthesizer at age 12, created his first computer animation at 16 and obtained a degree in Television Production while working at a PBS station. Later he worked in the night-club lighting design industry and pioneered the invention of the first wearable computer concept prototype in the mid 80's.

Moving on to work in Space Station Simulation / Animation Visualization at Rockwell he later co-founded leading commercial ventures, and taught college level curricula while maintaining an aggressive speaking schedule.

Greg created the first major VR industry resource guide: the "
Virtual Reality Sourcebook" and these days, he spends his time developing high-tech spiritual story concepts while keeping his eyes peeled for the right "angels' to fund the
"Persona Foundation " to further iniatives in Human Simulation, his life's- work-in- progress.

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